• People Manager

    I follow a coaching and mentoring approach to develop individuals who work for and with me to the best they can be.

  • Influence

    I use natural and trained NLP techniques to communicate effectively with all organisational levels, quickly establishing a strong rapport.

  • Strategic

    I am continually scanning the horizon to see the potential impact of what we have today and what we could have tomorrow.

  • Product

    I use Design thinking and human-centred design approach to create great products from ideation through prototype to a supportable, scalable installation.


Some examples of the work I have implemented or managed in the last few years, if your interested in more details why not drop me a mail.
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Managed the design, experimentation and creation of the first scalable repeatable superlab click here to see the case study with Samsung

Human Factors Teaching

Teach on a single module covering workshop and data extraction methods with human factors students


Created the first large scale deployment of tablets within teaching to facilitate a containment level 2 laboratory

Award Winning Superlab

Received the highly commended Sustainable labs award for the innovative design of the Rosalind Franklin Superlab S-Lab2013

Art of the possible

Project Cardboard used to show what is possible in a virtual world and set students imagination free

Application tracking data

Implemented harvesting data from mobile apps being implemented to build our central data repository even when what it would be used for was not yet identified.

AV Standards

Standardised the audio/visual equipment within teaching rooms establishing it as a strategic objective. The consistency aided utilisation of more digital technology without additional training.

Enhanced AV

Implemented a large screen to allow instant coaching feedback to horse riders increasing their development rate by at least 100% when compared to traditional teaching methods.


Designed, sourced and flew a quad copter to enhance research within dog agility, agriculture, cross country horse tracking and mapping coral reefs.

Smart Bar

Designed, built and implemented a smart bar first line support provision to change the way in which staff and students receive support and perceive IS.


Created an accessible framework and testing programme to make sure our future products are inclusive and do not discriminate as such increasing their potential audience.

Design Factory

Created a position paper for how to establish a Design Factory for the University of Nottingham and subsequently created this factory to bring about new methods of transformational change.

User Journey Product influence

User Journey showing multiple service elements which are required to underpin the journey shown which highlights the complexity of the journey while also showing the transparent nature of many of our services.

Transformational Journey

This is an example of a transformational journey at 32,000 feet showing the highest points of the user journey and the elements which will be influenced by the Digital Futures change programme.

Deep Dive

This is an example of a transformational journey from 32,000 feet down to the touch point with a series of relationships which inform the flow.

Audiences and Journey Contributor

This is an example of a transformational journey showing for a single interaction or touch point there are multiple other journeys which contribute to that outcome.


Implemented the harvest and review of analytical data relating to our web activities utilising this data to build cases and evidence for change.

Screen Recording

Established remote screen recording technologies to allow us to monitor and review user behaviours on our sites and services as to evidence where changes need to be made.

Eye Tracking

Established eye tracking into our product development lifecycle to allow us to hone the usability and lower the cognitive load of using the product as such increased the satisfaction.


Created the practice of using personas to build the understanding of the target user and user groups we were targeting for to aid in a targeted design and aid the product launch with directed communications.


Hosted a series of workshops on a variety of subjects to people of all levels utilising different thinking and idea generation methods to get the audience to develop ideas down a structured or free thinking direction.


Generated competitions for students to create designs and work products for us, which builds the profile of the student and generates high quality repeatable work from the community in language most appropriate for the target audience.


Designed and implemented a crowdsource platform for singular problems and a vision for a community based crowdsource platform for us to move towards over the next few years.


Have taught and been a guest lecturer a number of times for undergraduate and masters level teaching covering, business, human factors, human computing interfaces and educational environmental design.


Generated a wide number of low fidelity wireframes to explain the impact of design on the products usability and adoption early in the development lifecycle allowing us to follow a human centred design approach for development.

Art of the Possible

Bringing in flexible smart surface technologies and experimenting with key users to look at how the technologies could be used differently in a more creative environment, image shows a smart surface intended for presentations used as a drafting table.

British Computing Society

Spoke at the British Computing Society about how to understand the customer audience more deeply and as such how to design and develop better quality products and services for them.

Samsung CIO Conference

Guest at the First Samsung CIO Conference to speak about the installation of tablets on scale within the superlab environment, spoke to a wide number of industries about how they could adopt the technology within their fields.


Worked with External Relations to establish clear market segments which can be utilised for marketing, on boarding and design allowing us to hone the products we create to the target segment or change the marketing message for different audiences.


Supported the Head of Application development to implement DSDM Agile through a series of thinking differently and removing barriers sessions. There is still a long way to go but the right direction has been set.

Fail fast

Used quick low fidelity prototypes to allow some products to be tested to identify if there was a true need or if the signals for that product were hiding another root cause.

Design thinking workshops

Designed and ran a series of workshops getting people to think differently through design thinking and removing constraints from our initial trains of thought.

Wireless Data

Implemented the collection of wireless connectivity logs to allow the tracking of device movements around our buildings and mapped this to review footfall and to feed into a central data repository.

Teaching Conferences

Have presented at a number of teaching and learning conferences about the art of the possible and how we can bring digital into the learning lifecycle to better engage with our target audience in a way which they will engage with.


Worked with a number of local organisations including Stonebridge City Farm, Beavers, Childrens Football, Anthony Nolan Trust, Cub Scouts.

Swipe access data

Used door swipe cards to map out activities of students and produce some high level dashboards to show which buildings were being used at what times but also to make the data available for other purposes.


Created the practice of using journeys to enhance the understanding of the users behaviours allowing us to identify pinch points and areas for innovation and improvement.

Surface Hub

Investigated pre-release technology of the surface hub used early beta technologies and partnerships with Microsoft to identify the impact this technology could have on our organisation and how we could gain the most benefit as early as possible.

Portal roadmap

Created a 5-year vision roadmap to show how we can develop our portal into an intelligent system which will no longer require the user to know what they want instead it will intelligently supply the data needed.


Created simple infographics to represent the scale of impact and represent data in a more understandable way compared when to other data sets.

Mobile framework and Strategy

Created a framework of functions for delivery and a strategy for implementation through an iterative development cycle building functionality and capability in parallel.

Location awareness strategy

Built a strategy for establishing knowledge of audience footfall both anonymous to start with to support events and building utilisation but growing to feed into a personalised delivery experience.

Segmentation Strategy

Established and started implementation of a strategy for segmenting key audiences including personas, profiles and golden questions

Adoption UK

Consulted for Adoption UK showing them how to create a digital engagement strategy advising on partners to use and scope of work to have the partners complete.

Intranet strategy and framework

Using the personalisation of CX and collaboration of SharePoint to create a structured but always up to date intranet.

Accessibility and Usability

Talking at the CUTE testing conference 2017 about how making things accessible and of a high usability level is good business as well as the right thing to do.

Art of the possible - China

Working with senior leaders at the University of Nottingham Ningbo (China) to provide positive disruption showing what is possible in the world today and how they could take advantage of this to grow their relationships.

Art of the possible - Malaysia

Working with senior leaders at the University of Nottingham Malaysia to provide positive disruption showing what is possible in the world and how they could transform their engagement activities.

The engagement lifecycle - using data to create personalised experiences

Talking about how to use existing technologies to create personalised experiences at the accelerating digital transformation in higher education conference 2017

Engagement Lifecycle

Hybrid of physical data as well as online or mobile app triggers to bring about end to end omnichannel experiences which delight and are transparent to the audience when done well.


The quad copter was designed to fly for 20 minutes at a height where it could not be seen or heard, the camera can zoom back to the ground to track activities.

Samsung B2B

Speaking about the changes to digital and how the use of Samsung Galaxy tablets aided that transition.

Wonder 2017 Population

Using wifi and application tracking to identify the movements of visitors and the zones they attended during the UoN Wonder 2017 event.

Scattergun and Personalised

Video we created to explain personalisation using different online channels to allow the targeting of segments.

Digital Transformation

Video we created to show how technology has changed and asking if we have changed with it or not?

Future Website

Video we created to show how web design should be made in elements allowing the creation of flexible pages which scales with personalisation when the components will change automatically


Baby Hedgehogs from when I owned a Children’s farm and Hedgehog Hospital having to feed orphans every 2 hours day and night.

Transparent Display

Use of pre production Samsung transparent screen technology to promote innovation and creative thinking, created wide spread augmented reality demonstrations (window on the developing world).

Superlab photo set video

Collection of photos showing the Superlab being created from when it was a garage through to a working lab environment.


Speaking about mobicontrol and how we used it for device management of tablets across a range of areas.

Digital Fluency

Talking about what makes people digitally fluent and what the difference between digital fluency and literacy is.

Paperless Study

Working with students to investigate how to study without paper, utilising a range of technologies and methods.

Smart working

Working with students to review BYOD, smart working practices and if the opinion changed from year to year with different generations of students.

NTU Tablets

Footage of the tablet solution in action in the controlled lab environment

Infrared Quadcopter

Specialist camera set up to allow infrared footage to be captured as well as HD video allowing the identification of diseased plants from just flying overhead.

Smarter Computing China

Video created to articulate the point of the smarter computing programme of work to make a more inclusive information services covering world wide.

Video Diary Room

Creating a self service big brother style video diary room for students to provide feedback and suggestions to the university any time they like.

Smarter Computing new starter

Video created to articulate the point of the smarter computing programme of work to make a streamlined on boarding experience for new staff

Smart Bar

Creating a new way for delivering first line support to the University of Nottingham staff and students. Working closely with our onsite support teams to create customer centric support.

Student Competition

I ran a student competition to get the students to articulate the Information Services 2020 strategy in a language which the students would understand and appreciate.

Hotjar analytics

Video showing an example of the hotjar analytics I implemented at University of Nottingham to understand how people are using our sites and services.

Eye tracking

Video showing a collection of users looking for how to change their password on a new site this evidence was used to allow us to design the product with the user in mind for the following release.


Video Diary room used to ask “what our international graduates will miss most” working with external relations and the graduation team to create a new way of gathering feedback

Cub Scouts

Teach the Digital and Technology related badges for the local Cubs and performed art of the possible sessions with Beavers groups.


Video Diary room used to ask “what our international graduates will miss most” working with external relations and the graduation team to create a new way of gathering feedback


Video diary room used to ask what tips the students have for new students, working closely with external relations and the students union to create collections of videos which could be used for digital marketing.


Video diary room used to ask about their First day at University, working closely with external relations and the students union to create collections of videos which could be used for digital marketing.

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